Monday, January 12, 2015

Hexcrawling The Wasteland

I've been doing a lot more roleplaying lately.

Two weekly Pathfinder games, a bi-weekly Lamentations of the Flame Princess game (that I'm running), a bit of Age of Rebellion, and an Unknown Armies game on the horizon. It's all got the creative juices flowing again and (thanks to LotFP) kindled an interest in the OSR and it's blogosphere.

Reading about megadungeons, hexcrawls and other 'old school' rpg frameworks set me to dreaming about hexcrawls. So I'm doing one. I knocked together a map in photoshop, keyed it, and started filling in details. It's going to be a system agnostic post-apocalyptic crawl of 121 hexes.

I wanted something that let me cut loose a bit as I eased back into rpg writing. I mistakenly thought it would be a short and quick project but I'm finding myself putting a lot more detail in the crawl than I originally intended. But, hey, it's a hell of a lot of fun and there are all kinds of other ideas spinning off out of it.

A preview of the cover image for my upcoming hexcrawl.

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