Wednesday, January 21, 2015

My Lamentations of the Flame Princess game [SLaFS]

So I've dubbed my home campaign of LotFP "Sunken Lands and Forgotten Shores". I'm using the ruleset and plugging in a combination of homebrew material and adapted ODD, AD&D and Judges Guild adventures. My plan was to create and adventure hub and populate the surrounding area with ruins, dungeons, and some small settlements.

I started by throwing the party into a bad situation and I thought it would set the tone for the game by the first adventure location being a burned down Hommlett. I set the village on the coast, in the farflung wintery North. I shipwrecked the party and let them wander around.

So, this first hub was a bust. The party got spooked, and after only investigating a little they fled the area in a pair of fishing boats. I'll post my after action reports of the subsequent sessions.

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